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The Vampire Happening
Surfing The South Island Of New Zealand
Rise Above
Gone Tomorrow
The Leavenator
Mother's Bond

Top 10 Movies of the Week!

Paper Angels
The Contract
The Delivered
Christmas on Holly Lane
The Kill Hole
James Brown: The Man, The Music & The Message
Better Than Chocolate

Get In The Holiday Spirit

A Christmas Carol
Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol
One Special Night
Christmas Story
The Christmas Kid
Faith Filled Christmas
Oddsville Christmas (English dubbed)

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This and That
Dr. Wendy: Self Help
Dollars & Sense
Career Corner
Meals Made Easy
Life Hacks
Royal Tea

Adrenaline Rush

The Legend of Bruce Lee
Charlie Countryman
Age of Kill
Saints and Sinners
Sword of Gideon
Fire On The Mountain
The Contract

Comedy Corner

Clerks II
Trees Lounge
Dying Laughing
My Brother the Pig
Dante Goes To War
Sweet Revenge

Drama Shows

The Dead Zone
The Dresden Files
Mutant X
Hidden Palms