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A Farewell To Fools
Hot Knives
Dreaming Alaska
The Beatles: In America
Too Tall
Point Blank (French with subtitles)
Bad Company: Total Rock Review

Score Some Football Flicks

Matthew Stafford's Band of Champions
They Call Me Sirr
Halfback Of Notre Dame
Glory Days
A Gift Of Love: The Daniel Huffman Story
CampusLore: Coming Home
The Best of Times

Top 10 Movies of the Week!

The Contract
Caught on Tape
The Kill Hole
Random Encounters
The Legend of Bruce Lee
Mystery Mansion

Local Now Shows

The Art of Dating
Life Hacks
Dr. Wendy: Self Help
Life Made Easy
Nature's Wonders
This and That

New Year, New You: Diet, Fitness, Weight Loss

Food Choices
The Magic Pill
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
The End of Meat
Beyond Food
Diet Fiction
Love Paleo

Adrenaline Rush

Chasing Molly
Firing Squad
51st State (fka Formula 51)
Call Me
Falcon Rising
The Legend of Bruce Lee
Crazy Six


The Object of Beauty
By Night's End
Falsely Accused
Shadow People
The Dirty Kind
The Forger
Turbulence II - Fear of Flying

Comedy Corner

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Clerks II
Exit Strategy
Trees Lounge
Dying Laughing

Drama Shows

Da Vinci's City Hall
The Dead Zone
Rosamunde Pilcher's The Other Wife
The Dresden Files
Mutant X