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Hot Rod Of The Air: The Stearman PT-17/ Buffing headlights5:29 PM - 5:59 PM3m leftSportsWe all know what a Hot Rod is right? Well today on GEARZ, Stacey pushes the boundaries of traditional Hot Rod thinking by showing you a vintage Hot Rod that FLIES! We don’t mean down the road! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to build, restore, and fly a vintage biplane, then this is the show to see. It’s exposed engine, open cockpit, wind-in-your-face cruising at its best! Then it’s back to the shop where Stacey deals with the classic problem facing drivers all across the country…..dull hazy head light lenses. With a few simple tools and techniques, He quickly shows you how to make them as good as new, and save some serious cash…… and that’ll have you singing “I can see clearly now, the haze is gone” Only on GEARZ!2125Speedvision
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