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NR20181h 21m
Ahockalypse tells the story of Jonesy (Jesse Rennicke) and his team of madcap misfits, the Prairie Kings, defeating their arch-rivals, the Ice Cats, for the championship cup and securing their ice-capped immortality on the hockey rink. But their championship celebrations get cut a bit short when the zombie apocalypse begins, and all hell breaks loose all around them at their hotel. Forced to run and try to find a safe place, they decide the best course of action is head back to the arena, where they’ll be in their element and able to mount a hard-charging offense of their own. But standing between them and their goal is a hideous horde of killer zombies, as well as looters, and Jonesy’s ever-so-slightly possessive girlfriend, Jenny (Kaylee Williams). Will the whole team make it back to the arena in one piece?

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