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Actors of Sound
Actors of Sound

Actors of Sound

NR20161h 22m
From footsteps to bone cracks, Foley artists bring films to life with their imaginative sound effects, but as digital technology goes full speed ahead in 21st century moviemaking, can Hollywood’s low tech Foley artist survive in this high tech age? In the documentary film Actors of Sound, the viewer is transported into the dark, cluttered prop rooms where Foley artists make their magic. Exciting and sometimes hilarious footage features world renowned Foley artists manipulating props to create sounds, showcasing their truly unique creative process. Through interviews with Foley artists,Re-recording Mixers and Supervising Sound Editors, Actors of Sound examines every facet of this craft, illuminating the impact technology is having on Foley. Note: This content is displayed in its original format.

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