My City


Fan-tastic Foods12:30 AM - 1:00 AM29m leftComedyIn this episode G gives her fans what they want (and no, she won’t be cooking a Superbowl buffet in a bikini :P.) G puts her spin on 3 fan favorite dishes: burgers, chicken wings, and pie! Watch as she turns a burger into a Sloppy Gino: juicy beef patties smothered in a sweet and tangy meat sauce. Then we’re making crispy wings drenched in G’s homemade Tsaketa Hot Sauce. For dessert: Blueberry Pie Eggrolls, served with burnt honey ice cream. G talks about the roots of Bitchin’ kitchen and shares her backstory, complete with hilarious community highlights. Panos gets flustered during the drumstick vs wing debate. The Spice Agent reports on nutmeg and accepts a marriage request. Hans gives in to fan pressure, and finally sits on a balloon until it pops. (Don’t ask.)729Just For Laughs
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