My City

Documentary Shows

Documentary Shows
Almost Live
999: Critical Condition
American Guns
American Hunter
America's Treasures
Anna's Wild Life
Becoming Evil: Cult of Personality
Becoming Evil: Rampage
Becoming Evil - Serial Killers
Becoming Evil: Serial Killers of the Old West
Becoming Evil: Serial Killers of the Old West
Becoming Evil: The Mafia
Body Hack 3.0
Bud Empire
Pattrn: Building Solutions
Casualty 24/7
Catching Killers
Catching Killers - Season 1
Chasing Bigfoot
Civil War: America Divided
Civil War: America Divided - Season 1
Combat Pilot
Crime Stoppers: Case Files
Crime Stories
Date While You Wait
Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America
Disasters of the Century
Dogs on the Job
Edge of War
Pattrn: Faces of Change
Facing the Atlantic
Facing Waves
Celtic Britain
Death in Their Hands
Modern Hero: The Series
Sea Power
Secrets of Ancient Empires
The Legends of King Arthur
The Occult History of the Third Reich
The Supernatural
Under Siege
The Finest Hours of WWII
Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld
Gold Rush: The Discovery of America
Great Indian Wars
Pattrn: Growing Solutions
Heroes in Blue
High Alert
High Society: The Cannabis Cafe
Hollywood vs The Mob
I, Hostage
Innovations of War: The Evolution of Tactical Military Weapons
Interpol Investigates
Interpol Investigates - Season 1
Jade Fever
Keeping Up With the Kruger
Legend Hunters
Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can
Monsters Among Us
Murdered In The Line Of Duty
My Extreme... Life
My Hustle
My Side of the Sky
NASA: A Journey Through Space
No Days Off
Outlaws & Gunslingers
Pattrn Earth Film Challenge
Road to Riches
Road To The White House
Rumble & Hum
Serial Swindlers
Special Forces
Style Queens
Superstructures of the World
Suspect No. 1
Sworn to Secrecy
Systema: Personal Protection & Martial Arts
The Accused
The decades that built America
The FBI Files
The Indian Wars: A Change of Worlds
The Irish Mob
The Neighborhood
The New Detectives
The Search
The World at War: From Hitler to Hiroshima
The Zoo
True War Stories
U-Boats: Hitler's Sharks
U.S. Cavalry
Vietnam: 50 Years Remembered
War in the Pacific: Eagle Against the Sun
When... Goes Horribly Wrong
World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report
Wow, I Never Knew That
WWI - The War to End All Wars
3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar
That's Amazing
Victory at Sea
Behind the Line
Epic Trails
Gamer's Paradise
Heartland Country: Cowboy Culture
Higher TV
Interview With A Murderer
Murder At My Door
Patagonian Expedition Race
Plastic Surgery Knifemares
Sony Mind's Eye
unReal the Series