My City

Documentary Shows

Documentary Shows
3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar
Modern Hero: The Series
Date While You Wait
Body Hack 3.0
Bud Empire
Road to Riches
Rumble & Hum
Plastic Surgery Knifemares
Jade Fever
NASA: A Journey Through Space
Disasters of the Century
The Accused
Victory at Sea
A2Z: The History of the Beatles
That's Amazing
Gamer's Paradise
The Legends of King Arthur
Secrets of Ancient Empires
The Supernatural
The Occult History of the Third Reich
Celtic Britain
Under Siege
Death in Their Hands
Sea Power
Superstructures of the World
Almost Live
unReal the Series
Sony Mind's Eye
Higher TV
The Neighborhood
Sworn to Secrecy
Wow, I Never Knew That
The Irish Mob
Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld
Becoming Evil: Rampage
Monsters Among Us
Becoming Evil: Cult of Personality
I, Hostage
Anna's Wild Life
Becoming Evil: The Mafia
No Days Off
Hollywood vs The Mob
My Hustle
High Alert
Keeping Up With the Kruger
Facing the Atlantic
My Side of the Sky
Road To The White House
The Zoo
Interview With A Murderer
Murder At My Door
Systema: Personal Protection & Martial Arts
U.S. Cavalry
Dogs on the Job
War in the Pacific: Eagle Against the Sun
Becoming Evil - Serial Killers
The World at War: From Hitler to Hiroshima
Heroes in Blue
Becoming Evil: Serial Killers of the Old West
Chasing Bigfoot
Gold Rush: The Discovery of America
The Finest Hours of WWII
Special Forces
U-Boats: Hitler's Sharks
Outlaws & Gunslingers
Great Indian Wars
Civil War: America Divided
Innovations of War: The Evolution of Tactical Military Weapons
True War Stories
The Indian Wars: A Change of Worlds
Vietnam: 50 Years Remembered
Epic Trails
America's Treasures
American Guns
Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America
American Hunter
WWI - The War to End All Wars
World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report
Pattrn: Growing Solutions
Pattrn Earth Film Challenge
Pattrn: Building Solutions
Pattrn: Faces of Change
Behind the Line
Style Queens
Facing Waves
Catching Killers
Edge of War
Crime Stories
Legend Hunters
999: Critical Condition
Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can
Murdered In The Line Of Duty
Suspect No. 1
Casualty 24/7
Serial Swindlers
Patagonian Expedition Race
My Extreme... Life
When... Goes Horribly Wrong
Interpol Investigates
The Search
The FBI Files
The decades that built America
The New Detectives
Combat Pilot
High Society: The Cannabis Cafe
Cartoon Wars
Jo Frost On Killer Kids
Ric Flair The Last Match
Another Shade of Blue
I Witness Mall of America
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: Fresno
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: Washington DC
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: Columbus
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: Tampa Bay
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: International
The Battalion Fire and Rescue: Milwaukee
The NES Pursuit
The Nature of Existence
Wild America
Give Me Shelter
I Witness Medical Interns
I Witness: Marine Mammals
Pioneer Quest: A Year on the Prairie
Devil's Brigade
Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune
Crime Stoppers: Case Files
Paranormal Highway
Across the World with Te Radar
Heartland Country: Cowboy Culture
Foodie Road Trip With Skye Estroff
Cheat Out - Season 1
Cheat Out
Blood, Lies And Alibis
Animal Embassy
The Dengineers
Xploration Awesome Planet
Air Land & Sea
The Day The Rock Star Died
Snowy: A Love Story
Pattrn: Lost Tribes