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Jumping the Gun
Jumping the Gun

Jumping the Gun

PG-1320181h 24m
Eddie Ruggle is a struggling inventor seeking redemption in the eyes of his family. When he starts filming a documentary of himself launching a new sport called Jump Rope Sprinting, his brothers urge him to get a real job, his daughter is embarrassed, and his wife insists on family therapy. Determined to prove himself, Eddie works on his technique and then goes public with Steve, his camera man. From college tracks to the local beach, they approach everyone from elite athletes to a self-proclaimed cosmic priest, demonstrating the idea and soliciting opinions. From being in the dog house with his wife to walking dogs for prize money, Eddie must juggle the pursuit of his dream with the needs and doubts of his family. After enthusiastically deciding to host the first ever Jump Rope Sprint competition, Eddie finds allies in a college track coach, a world jump rope champion, and an Olympic hurdler, and they help him put the sport on track. Can Jump Rope Sprint be the next Olympic Sport?

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