My City

Mystery Movies

Mystery Movies
13: Game of Death
27 Down
A Bay of Blood
A Perfect Life
A Shriek in the Night
Ace of Hearts
All Good Things (2010)
Almost Invisible
And Soon The Darkness
Arctic Void
August Falls
Autumn Lights
Awaken (2015)
Beast, The
Bees Make Honey
Big Legend
The Black Raven
Black Widow
Blood Honey
Blood In the Water
Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp
The Blue Gardenia
Body of Deceit
Book of Blood
Bottom of The World
Bulldog Drummond's Peril
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
Bulldog Drummond Escapes
Bulldog Drummond in Africa
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police
Carousel of Revenge
The Case of the Lucky Legs
Chasing Cain
Close Your Eyes
Club Lingerie
Con Men
Count Dracula And His Vampire Brides
Countdown (2012)
Crash And Burn
Cupid's Guillotine
Curse of the Jade Scorpion
D.O.A. (1949)
Danger Street
Dangerous Money
Dark Alibi
Dark Tomorrow
Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll
Dawn Express
Dead Air (2021)
Dead Awake
Deadline (2012)
Death In The Shadows (English Dub)
Deck The Halls
Deep Red
Desert Escape
Diary of a Serial Killer
Dick Tracy (1945)
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
Dick Tracy's Dilemma
Do You Know Me?
Donovan's Echo
Doomed To Die
Double Jeopardy
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Drown the Clown
Écoute le Temps (Fissures) (French with English subtitles)
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice
El Ganzo
Evil Eye
Fear in the Night
Fighting Nirvana
First Snow
Forbidden Fruit: First Bite
Forbidden Fruit: 2nd Bite
Frequent Visitors
Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre
Ghosts of Chernobyl
Goodnight Mommy
The Great Flamarion
The Green Sea
Haiti Cherie: Wind of Hope
Half Light
Hamal 18
The Hands of Orlac
Hangman (2017)
Harlequin 10: The Waiting Game
Harlequin 11: Loving Evangeline
Harlequin 3: Treacherous Beauties
Harlequin 4: Broken Lullaby
Harlequin 5: At the Midnight Hour
Harlequin 8: Hard to Forget
Harry's Case
Haunted Boat
Haunting Sarah
Heart of Fear
Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B&B Robbery
Home In Oklahoma
Horror Hotel  (AKA The City Of The Dead)
Houdini The Moviestar: The Man from Beyond
Hound Of The Baskervilles
House of Bones
House of Sweat and Tears (Spanish with English Subtitles)
House On Haunted Hill (In Color)
I Love Your Work
If These Porches Could Talk
Imagine I'm Beautiful
In His Father's Shoes
In the Dark Half
In The Spider's Web
Inner Sanctum
International Crime
Johnny Skidmarks
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Kill Me, Deadly
Killers from Space
Kung Fu Killer
Kung Fu Killer 2
La Reunion
Ladda Land (English dubbed)
Lady Of Burlesque
Lady You Shot Me: The Life and Death of Sam Cooke
Last Ride
Last Seen At Angkor
Let Her Out
Line of Fire
Losing Chase
Lost Heart
Man in the Attic
The Man Of The Eiffel Tower
Mandie And The Cherokee Treasure
Mandie And The Forgotten Christmas
Mandie And The Secret Tunnel
Mary Higgins Clark - Cradle Will Fall
Mary Higgins Clark - Cradle Will Fall
Mary Higgins Clark - A Crime Of Passion
Mary Higgins Clark - Haven't We Met Before
Mary Higgins Clark - He See's You When You're Sleeping
Mary Higgins Clark - I'll Be Seeing You
Mary Higgins Clark - Loves Music, Loves To Dance
Mary Higgins Clark - Lucky Day
Mary Higgins Clark - Pretend You Don't See Her
Mary Higgins Clark - Try To Remember
Mary Higgins Clark - We'll Meet Again
Mary Higgins Clark - You Belong To Me
Mermaid Down
Mom, Murder, and Me
Moonshine Highway
Munger Road
Murder at Glen Athol
Murder by Reason of Insanity
Murder In Harlem
The Murder in the Museum
The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson
Murderous Trance
My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Nemesis Game
New Rose Hotel
Night of Terror
No Place Like Home
Nothing But the Truth
The Phantom of 42nd Street
Phantom Ship
Point Of Contact
Point Of Entry
Point of Fear
Porches and Private Eyes
Primal Doubt
Quid Pro Quo
Red Snow
Red Woods
Resurrection (1999)
Rio Diablo
Rise of the Dead
Roll On Texas Moon
Room 33
Rough Cut
Ruby Ring
San Saba
Sea Beast
Second to Die
The Second Woman
Shadow Island Mysteries: The Last Christmas
Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One
Shadow Zone: The Undead Express
Dressed To Kill
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon (In Color)
Sherlock Holmes: Prelude To Murder (AKA Dressed to Kill) (In Color)
Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night (In Color)
Sherlock Holmes: The Woman In Green (Color)
Silent Night, Bloody Night
Some Guy Who Kills People
The Sphinx
The Spiritualist
Stealing Sinatra
Stealing Sunrise
Strange Friends
Stranger in the House
Strategic Command
Stray Dog (1949) (Japanese with English subtitles)
The Sublet
Suicide Forest Village (Japanese with English subtitles)
Tennessee Williams' Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone
Terror In The Family
The Adventures Of Tartu
The Assassination of a High School President
The Bookfair Murders
The Canterville Ghost
The Case Of The Whitechapel Vampire
The Children
The Chinese Ring
The Colombian Connection
The Corpse Vanishes
The Dead Bodies In #223
The Devil's Well
The Eye
The Fall
The Fifth Cord
Fighting Westerner (Rocky Mountain Mystery)
The Girl Next Door
The Golden Eye
The Hive
The Human Trace
The Illusionist
The Kennel Murder Case
The Kovak Box
The Laplace's Demon - (Italian)
The Last Lullaby
The Life Before Her Eyes
The Living Ghost
The Mysterious Mr. Wong
The Ninth Gate
The Pit
The President's Mistress
The Princess Stallion
The Right To Remain Silent
The Road from Erebus
The Sadist (2015)
The Sitter
The Spy Who Fell To Earth
The Trap
The Willies
The Witness
They Call Me Sirr
TWA Flight 800
Unknown Powers
The Vampire Bat
Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation
Vanishing on 7th Street
Watch Me When I Kill
Weekend Killer
Weenie Roast Massacre
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory
Wes Craven Presents: Don't Look Down
What If
When a Stranger Calls
While I Was Away
Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?
Within These Walls
Women Who Kill
Xtra Credit
Yancey McCord: The Killer That Arizona Forgot About
13 Ghosts
23 Paces to Baker Street
37: A Final Promise
666 Seance Hour
7 Splinters in Time
A Dark Place
Aliens and Agenda 21
And Then There Were None
Angels and Demons Are Real
Asylum Of Fear
Bardo Blues
Bigfoot Encounters
Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (English dubbed)
Burnt Offerings
By Light Of Desert Night
Captain Apache
Carnival of Souls (1962)
Cauldron of Blood
Circus of Fear
Cruel Hearts
Dark Forces: Shadow People
Dear Coward on the Moon
Death Smiles On A Murderer (English dubbed)
Diamond on Vinyl
Don't Torture a Duckling (English dubbed)
Sherlock Holmes: Prelude To Murder (AKA Dressed to Kill) (Black & White)
Falsely Accused
Five Deadly Venoms (English dubbed)
Green for Danger
Guys Reading Poems
Home with a View of the Monster
If You Meet Sartana... Pray for Your Death (English dubbed)
Impossible Monsters
Jamie Marks Is Dead
Man From Reno
Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary
Mr. Sardonicus
Out of the Heart
Secret Beyond the Door
Sick of it All
Ten Minutes to Live
Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night (Black & White)
The 39 Steps
The Bat
The Black Raven
The Case of the Bloody Iris (English dubbed)
The Cat o' Nine Tails
The Crater Lake Monster
The Dark Mirror
The Dead Are Alive
The Deadly Bees
The Death Kiss
The Fallen Idol
The Field
The Girl Hunters
The Good Life
The Holcroft Covenant
The Lady Vanishes
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Moose Head Over the Mantel
The Night Has Eyes
The Phoenix Incident (Ad-Free)
The Red House
The Return of Bulldog Drummond
The Third Man
The Witchmaker
Sherlock Holmes: The Woman in Green (Black & White)
Topper Returns
Truth About Kerry
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory
What Lies Upstream
Who Killed Teddy Bear
Young and Innocent
Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (English dubbed)
Blood Lust
Conquer The World
Counter Clockwise
Firstborn (aka Pirmdzimtais)
Frame Switch
He Drives At Night
Irish Luck
Irrefutable Proof
Let's Talk About 'It'
Looking For Grace
Mummy Dearest
Murder By Shark: Mysteries Of The Birkenhead Disaster
Ordinary Days
Silent But Deadly
The Black Godfather
The October Flowers
The Sect
Velvet Smooth