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Documentary Movies

Documentary Movies
Why We Laugh: Funny Women
Good Hair
Now That's Funny
Afro-Latinx Revolution: Puerto Rico
Banking on Bitcoin
Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust
The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin
Funny Tweets
The People vs. George Lucas
Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD
Half the Picture
Geek and You Shall Find
PEZHeads: The Movie
Make America Laugh Again
The Magic Life
The Banksy Job
Plastic Galaxy
Real Fake
Viewer Direction Advised
Dear Mr. Watterson
Gameplay: The Story Of the Videogame Revolution
Call Us Ishmael
American Jedi
Art of the Game: Ukiyo-E Heroes
21 Years: Richard Linklater
Backstreet Boys: Show Em What You're Made Of
The Pretender
Above Ground Level: Dubfire
What is Classic Rock?
Making Waves
Jerry Lewis: the Man Behind the Clown
Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much
In Search of the Last Action Heroes
Brothers In Arms
The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself
Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World
Actors of Sound
Sound City
Getting to the Nutcracker
Rose Parade: A Pageant For The Ages
The Insufferable Groo
The Last Man on the Moon
The Shadow of Gold
Don't Look Down
The Crest
The Big FAT Lie
Light in the Water
Drag Kids
Queens & Cowboys
Confessions of a Gay Poet
The Queen of Ireland
The Pearl
Crystal City
Love, Antosha
Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians
American Commune
Bitter Buddha
Freeway: Crack in the System
Betty Williams: Contagious Courage
Joe Biden: Comeback King
Ken Foster
Not Such A Bad Guy
A Faster Horse
Wizard Mode
Maximum Achievement The Brian Tracy Story
Shadows of Freedom
The Rise of Jordan Peterson
Conviction: The True Story of Clarence Elkins
Tesla Declassified
Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man
Jim: The James Foley Story
Agents Unknown
Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection
The Heat - A Kitchen Revolution
Waldo on Weed
West No More
Hiro's Table
Ayahuasca and The Path of the Shaman
Lobster War: The Fight Over The World's Richest Fishing Grounds
The Curators of Dixon School
Capitalism: A Love Story
The Last Horsemen of New York
Political Animals
We The People
Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA
Oscar Arias: Without a Shot Fired
Michelle Obama - Forward Motion
Donkeys and Elephants
The Invocation
2016: Obama's America
101 Seconds
The Legend of Cool Disco Dan
Michelle Obama: Life After the White House
Climate Warriors
A Century of War
Earth: Population Overload
End Times, California
The Mystery of the Britannic
The Liberators
Dark Forces: Shadow People
Killer Bees
4th & Goal
Sons Of Ben
Fathers of the Sport
Connor McDavid: Whatever It Takes
We Must Go
Burn The Ships
Saved for a Reason
Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang
Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters
25,000 Miles To Glory
American Futbol
Flin Flon: A Hockey Town
Head Games
Ice Guardians
Finding Big Country
50 Summers
Old Man Football
The Business of Amateurs
Like Water
Play Fair
Flatball: The History of Ultimate Frisbee
Olympic Pride, American Prejudice
Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys
From Core to Sun
Being Evel
Life In A Walk
350 Days
Kim Swims
Nfinity Champions League
Minds in the Water
Nfinity Champions League 2
Impossible Dreamers
The Great Flip-Off
All For One
The Way
Radical Age
1 Mountain
Speed of Orange
Maravilla, a Fighter Inside and Outside the Ring
Love V Kentucky
Magicians: Life in the Impossible
To Err is Human
Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed Film
The Parking Lot Movie
Goodnight Brooklyn - The Story of Death by Audio
Dying Laughing
Standing Up
All Things Must Pass
Born Strong (fka Gods or Men)
Latex 2
The Incomparable Rose Hartman
Crazy About Tiffany's
Citizen Soldier
Danger Close
Forgive Don't Forget
Searching for Home: Coming Back from War
Apache Warrior
Above the Best
The Hornet's Nest
Sugar Wars
Genius on Hold
The Hydra
Diet Fiction
Every Second Counts
The End of Meat
Love Paleo
Beyond Food
Food Choices
FAT: A Documentary
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Eating You Alive
The Kids Menu
The Gateway Bug
Froning: The Fittest Man in History
The Magic Pill
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
The Perfect Human Diet
From Fat to Finish Line
Functional Fitness
The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young
The Human Race
Dr. Feelgood
The Nature Of Existence
Horn From The Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story
Bieber Generation
After the Screaming Stops
The Unknown Tour
Unconscious Therapy
A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story
Festival: A Documentary
Cassette: A Documentary Mix Tape
Streetlight Harmonies
Los Wild Ones
Parrot Heads
Humanité, the Beloved Community
Tennessee Whiskey: The Dean Dillon Story
The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo
Mourning Son
Big Voice
The Source Family
Mindless Behavior: All Around The World
The 5th Dementia
New Chefs on the Block
Tin City
Nostradamus: Future Tense
Zeitgeist: The Movie
A Secret History: The Making of America
Indistinguishable From Magic
Cosmic Conspiracy
Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs and Men in Black
Bigfoot Encounters
Mind Control: HAARP Conspiracy
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
America's Alien Invasion: The Lost UFO Encounters
A Conspiracy to Rule: The Illuminati
Sick Birds Die Easy
Calling All Earthlings
A Race of Giants
Bible Conspiracies
Zeitgeist: Addendum
Haunted North America
The Green Standard
13 Times Evil
2020 Nostradamus
13th Child: Jersey Devil
A Courtship
Alien Contact: NASA Exposed
Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2
A Field Full Of Secrets
3 Billion and Counting
3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy
Ogar: Will of Steel
Adolfo Perez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope
UFO Chronicles: The War Room
Beyond Glory
Westside vs. the World
Fittest on Earth: The Story of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games
Inside Lehman Brothers
Ancient Aliens and the New World Order
The Anthropologist
The Pristine Coast
Iron Cowboy: The Story of the 50-50-50
Business of Disease
Future Baby
Under Our Skin 2: Emergence
Portrait Of Wally
Canada's Most Haunted: Paranormal Encounters in the Great White North
Dukale's Dream
Coming Of Age In Cherry Grove
Ballerina (aka Ella)
Beer Wars
Being in the World
Circus Rosaire
Catching Hell In The City Of Angels
Ayahuasca: Vine Of The Soul
Humanity Insanity: Throwaway Society
The Gardener
Mile... Mile & a Half
The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth
An Exorcism Of Evil
Keepers of the Magic
A Candle Lights The Heart
Red Dog
Dog By Dog
American Circumcision
In Search of Balance
Wasted Talent
Grand Cru
The 25,000 Mile Love Story
Birthright: A War Story
24 Hour Comic
The Ceremony
Canada's Most Haunted 2
King Of Beasts
In Organic We Trust
The Elephant In The Living Room
Certifiably Jonathan
Overfed & Undernourished
Forced Perspective
Nothing Is Truer Than Truth
American Jesus
VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary
Andy Paris: Bubblegum King
Walking Man
Not Alone
Love Me
Vhs Lives 2
Kidnapped for Christ
Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out
The Milky Way
The Patent Scam
Living On One Dollar
How Weed Won the West
Medicine Of The Wolf
Nightmares In Red, White And Blue
Black Beach/White Beach
Fine Lines
Discovering Bigfoot
Milk Men
A World Ruled By Evil
The Rainbow
Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping Vs The End Of The World
Boogie Man: Lee Atwater Story
The Brainwashing of My Dad
The Arctic Expedition: A Historic Journey To Find The Truth
Surviving the Outback
Strad Style
Deliver Us from Evil
Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
Thunder Soul
The Road to Guantanamo
The Lottery of Birth: Creating Freedom
Flint: The Poisoning of an American City
Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story
Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence
Hi, My Name is Dicky
American Rap Stars
The Breakout
Generation Zapped
How to Make Money Selling Drugs
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story
Nas: Time is Illmatic
Pressing On: The Letterpress Film
Grizzly Man
Stories We Tell
Dinosaur 13
Cool It
The Flowers of War
The Guardians
Do Women Have a Higher Sex Drive?
The Blackout Experiments
The Cure
Shamanic Trekker
American Veteran
Becoming Truly Human
Zero Weeks
Aside from That
Echoes Cross the Tracks
Chasing Niagara
To Be Takei
Fostering Hope: A Dog Rescuer's Story
The Predator's Last Stand
God Is Alive
Versailles '73: American Runway Revolution
Bizarre: A Circus Story
Blood Into Wine
Body and Soul: An American Bridge
Kama Sutra
Dirty Pictures
Meet the Patels
House of Stronzo
My Date with Drew
Under Our Skin
Symphony of the Wild
Kingdom of Conquerors
CSNY: Deja Vu
Facing Ali
Filmhouse Fever
Keep Your Eyes Open
Three Kingdoms
Curse of the Blair Witch
Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
The U.S. vs. John Lennon
To Joey With Love
Return to Area 51
Rise of the Foot Soldier